Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Sorry Lexi, I am kinda trying to make an effort to show you the house! haha

I just realized I never posted a picture of our little gem of a home.

Well here she is (don't you just love instagram pictures):

Don't let the stucco fool you. It's brick! Solid brick walls even interior. Hence why we don't have much stuff on the walls yet.

The following are the only pictures that I have on my cellphone at the moment:

This is the view of the house from the front door looking in. Unfurnished obviously :) 

The Hallway. Lets just say the color looked nicer on the paint sample... Will be changed shortly pretty much like this weekend...
  Dining room, again unfurnished

 View of the living room from the kitchen door.

This is the living room slightly furnished. It's much nicer now. It actually looks lived in.

Had to throw this gem in. My ring isn't it lovely :))

We should be setting up the office (front room) shortly... Then I will have a central location for blogging about all the wonderful things that have happened in our lives for the past year or so... Man I suck at updating this!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Wedding planning?? Oh that's right we got engaged!!

So what if it was 9 months ago!! Yep that's right... These two lovebirds are getting hitched!! April 6, 2013 is the big day :) I can't wait... Wedding is basically planned so now is the waiting game...

Someday I am going to give this blog the attention it deserves... Someday

Monday, August 22, 2011

Another Long break...

Oh blog you have been missed! We have been so busy! Like annoyingly busy... I will try my darndest to get some pics of the house up this week!

Ps the dieting/ working out starts this week...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Not so fast...

This whole moving thing is taking way longer then I thought! We've been repairing, moving, building, etc every weekend since June 3. It is the most tiring thing I've done in a looooong time but man is it worth it! Dennis and his parents are seriously the best! They have done so much hard work building and painting and cleaning that I will never be able to thank them enough! I can't forget Stace, she's has been a great help too!

Every time I walk into the house, I'm filled with such happiness. It may sound lame but seriously i never new how much I really wanted this house! The house was literally one of the first houses we saw :) I knew it was home but wanted to give other houses a chance. I like to think we were meant for this house. :)

Were having our housewarming part on July 2nd. I can't wait to have everyone over and show off the casa! I will be posting pics soon enough! A lot has been done and I can't wait to show it off :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our Little Piece of Heaven

I seriously can't wait until this weekend! Were finally moving our things in! I will be posting pictures soon enough.. I just really want the pictures to be before and after pics!

Tonight we are going to look for a rug for under the dining table... I seriously can't wait!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Short and sweet...

We got the house Friday June 3rd at about 6:00pm! Not that I'm being too specific :)

I thought this renovation thing was going to take a week or so... Not when your working with the Correia family. 2 days and Bam almost all of it is done. I will blog more and post pics when I don't have my niece and nephew running a muck...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I can't decide how I feel right now...

Happy or anxious... maybe a little of both!

There IS a little bit of good news...

The city gave their final approval so now were just waiting for the bank (Wells Fargo) to draft up the final loan docs (Basically, here sign your life away J/k but no really here sign this paper for a 30 year loan, yeah don't worry that you will be 59 when its paid off). I will admit that this is probably the GREATEST loan ever... I'm just a little bitter that this process is taking so long... and by long I'm being a tad dramatic since we just started the process in February... Some people go 6+ months waiting just to get approvals in this market. I just have zero patience so Praise Jesus for Dennis, otherwise I would be going insane and bugging everyone daily to get some sort of answer.

I was really hoping that we would get the house before Memorial Day weekend. It's not looking too promising as it stands now... We just heard that the bank wants a new Termite clearance before they can draft up the loan docs. To top it off the Termite company is swamped so they won't even be able to supply it until Friday or Monday... Another wasted 3 days...

I guess I should just be happy that we are getting a house and not be such a buzz kill...

I just want to be in OUR house already! :)

On another note. I have decided that I really have an interest in DIY projects... Not just in the I watch HGTV all day, and see something I like and say "oooh that would be awesome, I soo want that" (which we totally do) I really, really want to start making stuff. I guess simply put: I want to make ugly stuff pretty! I was thinking about making a new blog but I think I'm just going to keep this old blog and make it more about the house and things we do since in reality the house is going to be the focus in our lives... 

(I really want to post a picture of the house right here, but since I'm superstitious I'm going to wait until the keys are in hand. I have a feeling there will be a picture of that too!)